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Our free, funded Mama And Me classes are offered in 5-week blocks so groups of mums can get to know one another a little, while also enjoying the soothing, relaxed, mindfulness based tools that these classes share. 

link to apply for a place:

What is Mama And Me?

Our Mama and Me Mindfulness class is a lovely opportunity to build a pause into your busy week with your baby.

But it’s even more than that, Mama And Me is a class laced with so many benefits for your baby AND for you too, you’ll learn life-long tools that will help bring some calm to the ups and downs of your parenting journey. 

The aim is to share activities and techniques you’ll continue draw on as your little ones grow into toddlers and older children too.

Who's eligible?

Classes are suitable for mums and babies age up to approx 9 months old (pre-crawling).

Our ethos as an organisation is to support all new mums but especially those who have struggled with their mental well-being, so we'll prioritise applications from this group but anyone is welcome to apply for a place. 

When and where are classes?

Classes are on Monday's at 1.15pm and last approximately 45 to 55 mins, ending between 2pm and 2.15pm each week

and are now held in The North Room at St Mark's Church, Leeds Road, HG2 8AY.

(kindly note that places are limited so and you must be apply for, and be allocated a place before attending. Link to apply is ).

How do I book a place? 

Complete the form linked to below to apply for a free, funded, place on a 5 week block of classes for you and your baby.

Places are limited and completing this application won’t guarantee you a place, but it will mean you’ll be contacted asap if we can offer you a place - we'll keep you updated if you're on the waiting list too. 

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to shout - you can email , and Jo will be happy to help.

Mama & Me Classes: Offerings
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